The Dallas Beer Babe is a vehicle to introduce people to Dallas craft beer in a new way, help them understand the flavors, the craft-beer community of Dallas and feel more comfortable exploring the Dallas beer scene.

About Dallas Beer Babe:
My name is Trina-Jo Pardo. I’m a Dallas native, US Navy Veteran, journalist and brewery bartender. I’m a woman who loves learning everything I can about beer as much as I love drinking it! Growing up in Dallas, there wasn’t much of a cool beer scene. I didn’t know what craft beer was until I joined the Navy in 2008.  Boston, Mass. was the location of my first duty station and aside from living in the second greatest city in the country, I was able to experience a different culture of people and beer. Samuel Adams beer opened my taste buds and my mind about what beer should taste like.

After two years in Boston, I was stationed in San Diego, Calif….which was the tipping point of my craft beer drinking obsession. Especially because I lived two blocks away from a Ballast Point tasting room.

Now that Dallas’ craft beer scene is rapidly expanding, I’ve grown more in love with the city. I believe craft beer has given Dallas more depth and texture.

On February 2016, I wanted to start a blog that explores Dallas’ changing beer scene.
So this is an ode to Dallas and beer.



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