The Babes of Dallas Beer: Tiney Ricciardi

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I patiently waited at the Bottle Shop’s empty bar by myself.
My iPhone in one hand and my pint of 512 Pecan Porter in the other. I was nervous. Hearing footsteps enter through the door, I immediately put my beer down and turned around.

“Hi, I’m Tiney,” said the woman as she casually strolled into the bar and shook my hand.
As we both sat down, she looked at the menu of brews and I took another sip of my beer. Normally, I wouldn’t be so confident as to order a beer before or during an interview (you know, professionalism and all) , but I knew Tiney wouldn’t judge.
She had been in my shoes plenty of times.

Tiney Ricciardi is the Entertainment Editor/Producer for, a product of The Dallas Morning News and has been since January 2015.
“She writes about beer and she’s damn good at it too,”said Michele Houston, a professor at Southern Methodist University.

A graduate from SMU, Ricciardi majored in Journalism and Spanish and has been working in Dallas ever since. After working for a mortgage finance magazine for a year after graduating, Ricciardi took a year off and started the music blog, dfDub Report.

Her love for music led to a romance with craft beer.
“The two go together,” said Ricciardi, as she took another sip from her beer. The year Ricciardi received a job offer for GuideLive, formerly known as Pegasus News, was the same year the beer affair began. Assigned to cover the band Spune at Dallas’ first Untapped festival, Ricciardi recalls visiting the once small beer-fest and realizing the potential in craft beer.
“It was so small then. It has grown so fast over the past few years, it’s unbelievable,” said Ricciardi.
Unbelievable indeed.
What’s also unbelievable is the fact that no one had ever really reported about craft beer in Dallas until Ricciardi in 2012.

Fast-forward to today, Ricciardi can write as many as 12 stories a week about the growing industry. Whether it be a piece about a new brewery opening or an in depth look into the millions of dollars the craft beer industry stands to make- she’s writing about it.
Ricciardi says when it comes to craft beer and being a journalist,”I really have creative freedom to explore and experiment and being a woman in the industry is widely accepted. I don’t think passion is gender specific.”
“I don’t think passion is gender specific.”
It wasn’t easy becoming a beer babe though. Like I mentioned before: Drinking doesn’t translate into professionalism.
“When I started producing more content they would say ‘she’s a lush’ and not take me seriously,” said Ricciardi.
Even now, Ricciardi still has times where she has to dust the haters off but she doesn’t let anybody get in her way, especially the way to the bar.




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