PAIRING: Craft Beer and DallasMunchies

A few weeks ago, I walked into a restaurant, sat down and looked at the menu. Of course it was the beer menu.
As I was staring at the beer menu I also found myself thinking about what I was going to eat.
Craft beer and food are complimentary. Sure there are many styles that go with different types of cuisines, but drinking the wrong beer can take the flavors away from a meal, and the beer!

(Alright BeerBabe, get to the point already!)

Long story short, I asked myself, if I am at a craft brew pub, why doesn’t the waiter ask me what I would like to eat first? Or at least pair my beer with the meals it compliments along side it.
I understand some places do this, but majority don’t. So this week  DallasMunchies, Dallas’ food-scene guide, and DallasBeerBabe collaborated in the most flavorful way.

We had one mission: pairing great food with great beer.

DallasMunchies picked the place and entree, and I would select the perfect style of beer to go along side it.

DM suggested that we explore what beers pair well with commonly ordered items at each restaurant. Here’s what was on the menu.

Sushi from BFF Asian Grill & Bar
A burger from Maple & Motor
Lasagna from Patrizio
Tacos from Taqueria La Ventana
Glazed Wings from Malai Kitchen

Before I headed out with DM, I stopped by Four Corners Brewery Co. to get some advice about pairing food with beer.
Zach Petty, Brew Master and Certified Cicerone, suggested focusing on one to two flavor points that will compliment or contrast with each pairing.

“Trying to match too many flavors together can muddle things up. Also make sure to keep in mind the intensity of each flavor,” said Petty.

After a quick brew, and some good advice,here’s what DallasMunchies and I concocted…

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.54.53 PM
Of course, there is always personal preference to what style of beer you’d prefer for your meal, especially if you’re not an experienced beer drinker…yet.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge about Dallas food, or want to know what other great restaurants there are around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, check out DallasMunchies blog!



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